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Built for the critical
first 3 years of life

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Online classes taught by
leading parenting experts

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Smart technology that
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Online Parenting Classes

  • Hundreds of sessions to choose from, covering sleep, nutrition, discipline, potty training, and much more
  • 3 ways to learn: Live group classes, on-demand classes, and private coaching

Parenting App

  • #1 development program app in the world
  • Thousands of personalized activities and milestones for ages 0-3
  • 20 minutes a day, lifelong benefits

Parent Resources

  • From tummy time to tantrums, and everything in-between, we’ve got you covered!
  • Over 450 articles with new content added every week

See What Our Parents Are Saying

Each activity is broken down

It takes the guess work out of planning and remembering which activities to introduce to your child… 

Each activity is broken down into information about targeted milestones and includes articles related to development… 



So awesome!!!

… I have found this app to be an indispensable tool in enriching my children’s development. 

…It is very easy to use, covers very important areas of their development and incorporates a wide variety of activities, and all the while I’m am bonding with my child.




I get so excited every day/week to read what’s next and try new things with my toddler.

…Every parent should have this and anyone who interacts with children. It’s unlike any learning app I’ve seen. 



So awesome!!!

Awesome, especially for first time parents! 

…There is a good mix of different kinds of activities and every day is different. The videos and instructions are clear and easy to follow…




Not only is this a great tool for children but for parents as well. 

…..It has reading material, age appropriate milestones, parenting guides and tips. I love it, my infant loves it, my toddler loves it. I could not be happier!



Well Used!

This is hands-down the most comprehensive developmental app I’ve seen and used. …. Each day took no more than 20 minutes to complete, but those 20 minutes were so valuable to not only her development, but they also served as a building block for my own understanding of child development…



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